Creekside Meadows Farm
Your source for the best in Local, Grass Fed and Pasture Raised Meats


A diversified, nurturing, land healing grass based family farm.

Grass Fed Beef - Pasture Raised Chicken - Pasture Raised Fresh Air Pork - Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys

Fresh Vegetables & Herbs

Farmstead Soaps

2242 Reservoir Road, New Woodstock NY (Cazenovia)


Farm tours available by appointment.


Open on

Sunday April 13th 11 am til 2pm

In stock:

Ground Beef

A few small 3 pound chickens.

Pork: all cuts

Smoked Boneless Ham

Fresh bone in ham roasts (pork leg)

Shoulder roasts

Boneless loin roasts

Rib end roasts

Smoked Bacon

Ground Pork

Breakfast Sausage

Sweet & Hot italian sausage

Pork hocks- fresh and smoked

pork neck bones

Pork lard



Saturday April 19th 10 am til 1pm

last indoor market!

American Legion Hall on Cheningo Street 1/2 mile south of the village.   Turn at the signal light by Circa.

We'll be there with ground beef, pork cuts and farm soaps plus signing up for our Meat Share Program!


We will have a small Open House in May- either the  17th or 18th for everyone to see the farm during it's spring glory of babies and grazing grass.  Stay tuned for day and time.