Creekside Meadows Farm
Your source for the best in Local, Grass Fed and Pasture Raised Meats


A diversified, nurturing, land healing grass based family farm.

Grass Fed Beef - Pasture Raised Chicken - Pasture Raised Fresh Air Pork - Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys

Fresh Vegetables & Herbs

Farmstead Soaps

2242 Reservoir Road, New Woodstock NY (Cazenovia)


Farm tours available by appointment.



by appointment only as we gear up for spring

In stock:

Ground Beef

A few small 3 pound chickens.

Pork: all cuts

Smoked Boneless Ham

Fresh bone in ham roasts (pork leg)

Shoulder roasts

Boneless loin roasts

Rib end roasts

Smoked Bacon

Ground Pork

Breakfast Sausage

Sweet & Hot italian sausage

Pork hocks- fresh and smoked

pork neck bones

Pork lard


We will have a small Open House on Sunday May 18th  1pm -3pm for everyone to see the farm during it's spring glory of babies and grazing grass.   Yes we'll have farm tours!