We are proud to be a Homegrown By Heroes Farm 

and a member of the Farmer Veteran Coaolition!

Our farm is 1 mile south of Rt 80 on Reservoir Road

Just a few miles from Highland Forest County Park

1/2 mile north of Deruyter Lake and part of the Fingerlakes Trail

8 miles SW of the village of Cazenovia

3 miles west of New Woodstock village

30 minutes from Downtown Syracuse

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A diversified, nurturing, land healing, grass based family farm

Sustainable          Ethical          Holistic          Local

We take great pride in raising high quality, nutritious and delicious meats and produce for our family and our customers whole being exceptional stewards of the land.  We feel strongly that livestock grazing grass in a planned grazing system is key to improving soil fertility, increasing water absorption and regenerating top soil.

We only sell what we personally raise on our farm and value having long lasting relationships directly with our customers.

Thank you for caring where your food comes from and taking the time to find and support local farms.

Our farm is located in the Town of Cazenovia, Madison County NY (New Woodstock Post Office) about 8 miles Southwest of the village of Cazenovia, 1/2 mile north of Deruyter Lake and 1 mile from Highland Forest.

2242 Reservoir Road

New Woodstock, NY 13122


At our Farmstore

now Every Sunday in March  Noon til 3pm

​***sorry we will be closed Sunday March 19th** 

Please find us Sat. the 18th at the Caz. Winter Market.

We have not been able to completely clear the farm for visitors due to Storm Stella, the continuing wind and Farmer's with nasty colds.

Farmers Market

Saturday March 18th  10-1pm

Cazenovia Winter Farmers Market 

American Legion Hall

Chenango Street just under 1/2 mile from the signal light in the middle of the village (turn at the Americu Credit Union).  

10 am til 1pm

We plan to have with us: Whole Chickens, Whole Turkey, pork chops, loin roast, ground pork, sausage, bacon, country ribs

Beef chuck and brisket roasts, ground beef.

New Maple Syrup.

Our March Pack $90

Whole chicken, ham steak, bacon, breakfast sausage bulk, beef stew meat or sirloin steak, beef chuck roast, a 3 pack of pork chops. 

Family Pack $290 (pre-order please)

3 whole chickens, 1 beef chuck roast, 1 shaved steak, 2 ground beef, 2 pkgs of 3 pork chops, 1 pork loin roast, 2 pkgs country ribs, 1 pkg spare ribs, 4 pounds of sausage (breakfast bulk, sweet & hot italian bulk & 1 chorizo), 1 ground pork, 1 bacon, 1 ham steak


Our beef and pork can now be found at the 20/East Farmstore (Caz. Cut Block) in Cazenovia.  This is on Route 20 just east of the village at the corner of Midstate Lane, in front of the bus garage.

This gem oof a local goods store is open weekdays  10-3pm including Saturdays.  

Check out freezer there full of our beef steaks, roasts and ground beef, our pork chops, sausages, bacon, ham steaks.  

CSA signups are ongoing.  

You do NOT need to be a member to shop with us that markets or at the farmstore.  

It is an option to save you money and help us grow your food for the year.  


are due by April 30th.  

Don't wait and miss out out savings of at least 10% (likely it will be more) per pound!!!!!

Interested in pork 1/2 or whole?  

Beef 1/4 or half?

Pre-order as soon as you can for Fall pickup. 


Enjoy the bounty of the farm and save!

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