We are proud to be a Homegrown By Heroes Farm 

and a member of the Farmer Veteran Coaolition!

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A diversified, nurturing, land healing, grass based family farm

Sustainable          Ethical          Holistic          Local

We take great pride in raising high quality, nutritious and delicious meats and produce for our family and our customers.  

Thank you for caring where your food comes from and taking the time to find and support local farms.

Our farm is located in the Town of Cazenovia, Madison County NY (New Woodstock Post Office) about 8 miles Southwest of the village of Cazenovia, 1/2 mile north of Deruyter Lake and 1 mile from Highland Forest.

2242 Reservoir Road

New Woodstock, NY 13122



What's happening?  Join our CSA and enjoy the bounty of the farm all year.

It is super busy on the farm with the beef herd going out on pasture last week to start the 2016 grazing season.  They are in the north field and moved to fresh grass twice a day, yes twice a day!  This is holistic planned grazing, where we are looking at the larger picture than just cows grazing grass or pastures growing.    We look at how we want the cows to graze each individual plant in the pasture.  This takes rotational grazing that some farmers do to the next level.  We managed the grazing last year so that the cows left behind 6-8 inches of grass in the pasture before we took them off pasture to feed them the winter hay.  For some farmers this seems a waste of grass left in the pasture, for us it means that is stored ENERGY and food for spring grazing.    For every inch above ground a plant has there is about the same amount of root depth below ground.  This has our farm and pastures handling drought or wet conditions just fine.   Those roots reach water when it's dry, are not affected by heavy rain fall and can go deep for more nutrients, plus spread out more.   So as we start the grazing season you will see our pastures not as pretty as a golf course, we don't want that at all.  What you see driving by is not what we see standing in the pasture.  We have 90% ground cover at the least, high production, healthy well fed cows and pastures that will be outstanding not just this year but for years to come- all because how we manage it today.   

We took one group of pigs to the butcher last week so new pork will be in the freezers next week to replenish the out of stock shoulder roasts and some other cuts we were low in.   We have another group out on fresh never touched before pasture.  We have 4 momma pigs (sows)and 1 pappa pig (boar).  We have piglets due May and July, then 2 new mommas due in August and September.     The pappa is a berkshire boar, 2 sows are a very old heritage breed called large black and 2 younger ones are tamworth crosses.   All heritage type breeds well suited for our pasture.  All our pigs that we raise for meat are born on our farm so we have excellent grazing pigs always raised on pasture- never a barn.  Our sows are never in gestation crates, they naturally wean their own piglets at around 8-10 weeks of age.   

Let's see the first group of meat chicks have been here 2 weeks and growing in the brooder shed as we wait for them to grow their adult feathers to keep them warm in this changeable spring weather.   They should be on pasture around Mother's Day weekend.  

The summer turkeys arrived today and are doing great!

The market gardens are getting planted with really early peas, radishes, lettuces, beets,spinach.  The greenhouse is bursting with tomatoes, peppers, brocolli, chard, lettuces, herbs, squashes, cucumbers and much more.   We are running out of room in the heated part and hoping the weather warms up so some can go outside soon.  Potatoes and onions are in the ground. More potatoes to be planted we hope at our Open House weekend- Mother's day!

CSA- please join our CSA and support our farm.   We are the only CSA in the area that we know of that carries the Homegrown by Heroes Label (Tricia is a USAF and NYANG veteran).    Our CSA is all year round and we sell what we grow.   You can come see the for yourself on Mother's Day  1-3pm for our open house.   We do not contract out our meat or vegetable growing.   We do what we do ourselves on our farm.  

Our vegetables are grown using organic standards but we choose not to be part of the USDA Organic Program.  

Our meats are raised on pasture and are antibiotic and hormone free.  Our pastures are chemical free and conventional fertilizer free.   We make our own compost for the fields and gardens. 

By joining our CSA or just shopping with us anytime you are supporting a family run farm in your community that is honest and transparent in what we do.  We started our journey raising food for others back in 1998 and grew our farm from a 26 acre homestead to a 150 acre sustainable farm.   Doing it.  Our son, Cameron is 100% part of the farm.  Truly a family business practicing sustainability and holistic management.    We love what we do and hope you enjoy the bounty.

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April and May are big transition times on the farm so our hours are reduced as we gear up the farm coming out of winter.

Farm Storeis open every THURSDAY 4-7pm for meat sales until Fall  (this is the red garage up by the house)

Farm Stand (red shed by the road) re-opens for the season mid- May- stay tuned for updates or see a sign when you drive by.    This is open entirely on the honor system for vegetable sales and a small amount of frozen meats.   This is open every day all summer.  We have it stocked with fresh items by 10 am and close it at dusk. 



Cazenovia Farmers Market-

last indoor market is Saturday April 16th 10 am til 1pm.

May7th it moves outdoors to Cannon Park in the middle of Cazenovia Village (rt. 20/main street)  Every Saturday 9 am til 2pm.  

At this time we do not attend other markets as this one plus the farmstand keeps us really busy plus we prefer to keep our farm products local for our community!. 

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Soaps & More!

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​Sunday May  8th    1-3pm

FREE tours and more.   

The perfect time to visit the farm, walk the fields with us, see the livestock, market gardens, help us plant.    We are here to answer your questions about what we do here, why we do it, how we do it and why it matters

We might even do some vegetable planting!

All ages welcome.   Farm store is open for meat, soaps, and popcorn sales plus CSA sign ups.