Creekside Meadows Farm
This farm is for people who really care where their food comes from and want to know that the people who are raising it are caring for the animals, the land, the plants, the water and the air. 

Our family is proud to be your source for the best in 
Local & Sustainable

100% Grass Fed Beef
Pasture Raised 
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables & Herbs
​Hand Made Soaps & Salves
Maple Syrup


A diversified, nurturing, land healing grass based family farm.

2242 Reservoir Road, New Woodstock NY (Cazenovia)


Farm tours available by appointment.


 @ the red garage

 Fridays in at the farm store (red garage)   December 5th, 12 and 19th

Noon til 6pm

Farmers Market Schedule

Farmer Markets are vital to farmers and the community so please support the market and shop it- bring friends with bags too!

Saturday December 6th - find us at Cazenovia Cut Block- a few miles east of Cazenovia on Rt. 20 for a new winter farmers market 10 am til 1pm.

2770 Route 20 East- about 1/2 mile or so set of the village, past Tops and Caz. Equipment (John Deere).

Saturday December 13th- Baltimore Woods in Marcellus 10am til 1pm.  

This is a GREAT Market!

(Bishop Hill Road, Marcellus)

Saturday December 20th

Cazenovia Winter Farmers Market @ American Legion Hall on Cheningo Street

10 am til 1pm

This is a GREAT Market too and really needs the community to support it so spread the word.

Other times by appointment

Educational Farm Tours available for any group.     See the Farm Tours page for information and pricing. 

Limited Amounts of:

25 pound pork variety package $230

sorry the beef and beef & pork pkgs are out of stock at the moment. 

25 pound beef package.docx  

We also have beef and pork roasts order form for those big holiday roasts

Winter Roast Order Form.docx


Duck legs $18/pound- 1 pkg is about 1 pound with 2 legs. 3 available


Turkey thigh/leg quarteres

1 per pkg

$5.75 a pound

a pkg is usually 3-4 pounds.

yes they are large and MEATY.  

Super great for easy meals and soups.

Creekside Meadows Farm

100 % GrassFed Beef

Pasture Raised Pork, Chicken & Turkey

We are approximately 30 minutes south east of Syracuse, NY

- a few minutes east of Fabius NY and Highland Forest

15 minutes south of Malius/Fayetteville NY

Our farm is in the Town of Cazenovia- 5 minutes from the village but the mailing address is the hamlet of New Woodstock.

We are 1/2 mile north of Deruyter Lake


We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we get in from farm work!   If you don't hear from us within a day PLEASE call back !!!!!  (cut and paste this as the link is disabled due to spamming)


Many of you are contacting us for bones to make that talked about bone broth.  

Well we've been using bones for a long time and it is really called stock around here!

We have limited amount of bones and currently we are sold out of all bones.  We will have a few bags of beef bones later in december.  

some pork bones in fEbruary but by request only.   

The key to making bone broth is forget the fancy recipes you are being bombarded with.  They are hype.

We make a diversified stock here mixing all different bones from all over the animal.  

I mix those steak bones, pork chop bones, fresh ham bones, chicken carcass, pork neck bones, beef bones (if I get them away from the dogs), then lots of sad pathetic looking  veggies in the fridge or freezer, lots of herbs and simmer for 1-2 days on the stove or crockpot.   It is not fancy, it is not to a recipe it is the most delicious base for so many meals.   It is different every time

I use as much of all the animals as I can when I have the time to do it.  Sure beats store bought stuff every time.  your homemade will taste really different than store bought so be forgiving and maybe mix it with store bought until you are used to the difference.  

So can  you get bones from us?  Yes on a limited basis and be prepared for when they are here they are here get them asap. Don't be surprised if I ask for a deposit.  

in the meantime you should be eating more meat with bones in the cut.  Save those bones for stock making.   Stash in a bag in the freezer.  


We will have limited supply of beef heart, tongue and liver in December.   That is all until next June.   

Pork bones and organ meats- sold out but  you can order for February.   

Chicken bones and feet are sold out until May 2015.  We will have order forms. in the spring.  

Duck- we do have some duck carcasses- aka backs…...

Guinnea hens available in December/January as soon as we have the time to butcher them.  

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