Creekside Meadows Farm
This farm is for people who really care where their food comes from and want to know that the people who are raising it are caring for the animals, the land, the plants, the water and the air. 

Our family is proud to be your source for the best in 
Local & Sustainable

100% Grass Fed Beef
Pasture Raised 
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables & Herbs
​Hand Made Soaps & Salves
Maple Syrup


A diversified, nurturing, land healing grass based family farm.

2242 Reservoir Road, New Woodstock NY (Cazenovia)


Farm tours available by appointment.


 @ the red garage

This week only:

Wednesday October 22   1-6pm


Friday 1-6pm

Saturdays- we are at the Cazenovia Farm Market 9 am til 2pm

stop and see us Saturday!

Other times by appointment

Educational Farm Tours available for any group.     See the Farm Tours page for information and pricing. 

Now is the time to sign up for our Winter Meat Share Program. 

I can't stress this enough that the stuff in the stores is not what you want to be supporting and prices are rising fast.  

Our meat share is a fair price and the best quality of real 100% Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Raised Pork.   

You buy directly from a small family farm with no middle man and no unsustainable grants to fund  the farm.  


 We have winter pickup in Dewitt, at the Cazenovia Winter Farmers's Market, at the farm, in Tully and NEW at the Baltimore Woods Winter Farmers' Market in Marcellus (2nd Saturday of each month November-April.

Want to try our meats first?  Here's what is in stock now:

Ground Beef

Short ribs

chuck roasts

Sirloin Tip Roast

Rump Roast

Boneless Rib Roast

Tenderloin Roasts

Strip steaks

Sirloin and sirloin tip steaks 

Stew meat

Meaty Soup Shanks

Beef Bones


Sweet & Hot Italian Sausage

Smoked Bacon

Smoked Ham Steaks

Canadian Bacon

Center Cut Chops

Shoulder Roasts

Pork shoulder steaks

Breakfast Sausage



Country STyle Ribs

Spare Ribs


Sold out for 2014

If we have extras they will be available in early November.


We have whole duck 4 1/2 pounds

$10/pound  (1 left)

Duck legs $18/pound- 1 pkg is about 1 pound with 2 legs.

Creekside Meadows Farm

100 % GrassFed Beef

Pasture Raised Pork, Chicken & Turkey

We are approximately 30 minutes south east of Syracuse, NY

- a few minutes east of Fabius NY and Highland Forest

15 minutes south of Malius/Fayetteville NY

Our farm is in the Town of Cazenovia- 5 minutes from the village but the mailing address is the hamlet of New Woodstock.

We are 1/2 mile north of Deruyter Lake

thanksgiving turkeys

Pre-order NOW

$5.25 per pound (meat share members get 5% off!!!!)   

$30 deposit to hold your order.  

As of 10/20 we have 15 remaining to be pre-ordered. 

People have been pre-ordering their turkey since April and those people have first choice on sizes.  Going by what they say they prefer for size and what we guesimate sizes of the turkeys in the pasture we believe the sizes left will be in the 20-25 pound range.  

The first group to be processed will be ready November 5th-8th to be picked up at the farm

The 2nd group is ready November 12-15th to be picked up at the farm.

We will assign a week for you to pickup your order.  

The pickup day/time are:

Wednesday *11/5 or 11/12    1-6pm 

Fridays 11/7 or 11/14   1-6pm

Saturday - we are at the Cazenovia Farmers Market or Baltimore Woods Farmers Market from 10 -1pm.   Pickup will be at the farm 3-5pm on those Satudays or see below for picking up at those locations.:

Call Tricia at the farm

315-662-7988  or email her at:  to reserve your bird NOW.  Deposits can be mailed to the farm, dropped at the farm or meet us Saturday at the Cazenovia Farmer's Market.  Cash or Check.

These will fresh/frozen and go in your freezer for a few short weeks before Thanksgiving.  We do NOT have the space at the farm to store turkeys so make sure you have the space or sweet talk a friend to put it in their freezer.

So you need freezer space for your turkey or borrow space from a neighbor.  

We hand process these on the farm ourselves and it is a ton of work and stress as we try to have them ready right before thanksgiving.   This year we have decided to take a break from the hectic week before Thanksgiving and get you your turkey early.

This will allow us raised them on lush green growing pasture and avoid the snow storms and other frigid late fall weather.  

This also is a way we hope to avoid all the worry over what size turkey you will get or need or need earlier and so on.   

See "Our Animals" Page for more info on how we raise our birds.

These are packaged in a heavy mil poly shrink bag to keep out freezer burn.  

Did you know store bought turkeys can be held close to freezing for up to 6 months and be sold as fresh.  Think about that!

Think you don't want a whole turkey?  

We will have very limited amounts of:  

Whole Bone in Breast

Thigh/leg quarters (2 in a pkg)

Pricing will be $5.75 a pound  

Want your turkey cut in half?  $10 fee to do this.  

Why the extra cost?   Materials and labor. The bags we purchase are high quality and pricey- it also takes us TIME to cut a turkey, package it, label it and then freeze it.  

We are a small family farm with the 3 of us doing the butchering ourselves. 

Contact Tricia via email :the farmer@creeksidemeadowsfarm to check on what is available and pickup dates.  or call the farm 315-662-7988.


We prefer for everyone to pickup at the farm but know this can be tricky even though we are easy to get to.


We can bring your turkey to the Cazenovia Winter Farmers Market on Nov. 15th and the Baltmore Woods Winter Market (Marcellus) on Nov. 8th for you to pickup.

$5 delivery fee. 


We are scheduling a pickup point in Dewitt on thursday evening  either Nov. 6 OR 13th.   5-7pm    $10 delivery fee.

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.  Any turkeys not claimed by 11/15 will be sold to our waiting list or given to a family or agency in need in our area.  



We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we get in from farm work!   If you don't hear from us within a day PLEASE call back !!!!!  (cut and paste this as the link is disabled due to spamming)