What began as a couple (Tricia & Matt) in 1993 who loved our lives and our land with an old barn we turned into a (half finished) house, land we wanted to revive, a really large garden, an awesome son, 2 beef cows and 12 baby chicks........  slowly grew from a homestead on 26 acres in Lafayette NY growing lots of our own healthy organic food to growing food for our customers who value what we do and appreciate the work we do to raise food for them. 

In 2008 we sold our farm in Lafayette in order to fulfill the need for more land to expand the farm business to it's full potential and meet the requests for more from our customers.  The farm is now 150 acres of diversity that is nurturing, land healing and grass based.  

Creekside Meadows Farm is truly a family farm that is owned and operated only by Matt, Tricia and Cameron Park.  We take special care to raise what we sell  right here on our farm using Holistic and regenerative practices that heal the environment, nurture wildlife habitats, improve food quality and strengthens the community.   

We believe in knowing as much as you can where your food comes from and when you can take that opportunity to know your farmers personally.   It's what we do!   When your food comes from local family farms there is accountability in the food system and transparency to build long lasting relationships instead of relying on a label or a certification.   We prefer our customers think for themselves instead of being told what to eat and why.  Take charge of you health and your food, make decisions because they feel good to you deep down inside not because some agency or government says it's better.   Trust and ethics make for a better food community

Our farm is based on our values of raising healthy, clean, nutritious, safe food for our family and our customers.  It is why we started our first garden and purchased our first livestock.   

In loving memory of Katie (d. 2016) and Sara (d. 2017).  Pictured here in 2015 sitting in Cam's '47 Willy's Jeep.  You girls gave so much to us.  We are so much richer for the time together but miss you terribly still.   Their footprints are on every bit of this farm.  Listen carefully at dusk for Sara's howl in tune with the coyotes and see a flash of Katie in the field with the cows keeping them in line.

Creekside Meadows Farm is a women veteran owned farm with the Homegrown By Heroes Label, member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition , American Legion Post 88 in Cazenovia NY and often work & volunteer with Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango NY.   Tricia is a veteran of the USAF, NYANG and graduate of the Northeast Beginning Women Farmer Program with Holistic Management International and proud to have mentored over 20 other women farmers. 

A new article about women farmers in CNY.   Tricia is included!!!!   https://issuu.com/newtimesonline/docs/syracuse_new_times_8-9-2017

It all started as a way to use our land to feed our family.