Meats available as of 6/11/17

Chicken is SOLD out until June 19th.  

Pork, - Full selection of our pork is available:  chops 1" and 1 1/2", country ribs, spare ribs, boneless loin roasts, ground pork, bacon, canadian bacon, breakfast sausage links and 1 pound bulk, sweet and hot Italian sausage links and 1 pound bulk, bratwurst, fresh mexican chorizo, ham roasts and steaks, shoulder roasts 3 and 5 pound, smoked ham steak ends, spare ribs.

*ask about our ham ends priced at ONLY $3 a pound.   1/2 meat and 1/2 bone great way to add more flavor to your cooking or stretch your food dollars

Beef:  Sirloin steaks (boneless and bone in), rib steaks (aka ribeye) tenderloin (filet) steaks, tbone& Porterhouse, shaved steak, ground beef 1 pound bulk and 2 pounds of patties, chuck roasts, briskets (1/2 and whole) l lonely ondon broil, A very tender but last one!  whole tenderloin roast and Prime Rib Roasts - 4 rib.  

TURKEY- We have 4 whole turkeys in the 14 pound range ready to GO NOW.   $45 each.   Crazy awesome smoked or grilled this summer.  Get them while they last since no more until November.   These were from an order that a chef cancelled (aren't they nice?)

Fresh Baby lettuces and Spinach are available at the market or the Roadside Farmstand as of June  11th.  

Creekside Meadows Farm