Meats available as of  July 2017
All our meats are from OUR farm only.  




Boneless Skinless Breast

Backs, feet, necks (not at the market except when requested)

**all chicken is while supplies last this summer.   Fall chicken was pre-ordered and sold out.


Chops- 3 and 4 per pkg

Smoked Chops

country ribs, spare ribs, boneless loin roasts, ground pork, bacon, canadian bacon, shoulder bacon, breakfast sausage links, sweet and hot Italian sausage links, bratwurst, fresh mexican chorizo, ham roasts and steaks, shoulder roasts 3 and 5 pound, smoked ham steak ends, naked bacon (fresh sliced pork belly for our paleo friends!)

*ask about our ham ends priced at ONLY $3 a pound.   1/2 meat and 1/2 bone great way to add more flavor to your cooking or stretch your food dollars

Keilbasa will be ready in Early August.


Ground beef

BUrger patties

Smoked Hot Dogs- NEW!!! and all BEEF!!!

Tenderloin Steaks 2" thick

NY Strip and Ribeyes

Shaved STeak

Kabob cubes

3 rib - Standing Rib Roasts

Self Serve Farmstand

Vegetable offerings vary so check our facebook page for what's in stock. The rain has hammered our crops so many items are either not available or will be just a bit later than usual.   Mother nature has been cranky with this part of NY lately!    

Creekside Meadows Farm