These Bulk order options are not part of the WHOLE FARM CSA option.   

These are excellent ways to save alot of $$$ and fill  your freezer with lots of delicious, healthy, grassfed meats for your family.   

BEEF  Mixed 1/4  and 1/2  Bulk Orders

We sell our beef by the cut at the farm and farmers market and to our CSA members but we also sell large fill your freezer bulk type of orders. 

We offer mixed 1/4 which is a mix of cuts that is 1/4 a beef steer from the front and rear areas so a generous package.   We also offer 1/2's.

Sizes of our steers vary usually from 500-650 pounds hanging weight as a whole.  

​Pricing is $5.75 per pound by the hanging weight including standard USDA processing at our butcher Kelley Meats in Taberg NY.    Beef is dry aged 10-14 days, cut to our standard cut order, labelled, vacuum packed and flash frozen.  

​A $200 non refundable deposit is due at ordering.  The remainder is due at pickup at the farm.  

Cost estimates:

1/4   $700- $850    This is an estimate ONLY as hanging weights will vary.  Your take home meat will be approximately 60% of the hanging wt. due to how it is cut and not all the animals is useable cuts.   We are happy to go over this with you before ordering.

Cuts usually part of this:  Chuck Roast, 1/2 brisket, short ribs, stew meat, london broil, rump roast, rib steaks, t-bone, porterhouse, sirloin steaks, ground beef, meaty soup shanks, bones and liver.   Often the breakdown is 1/3 ground beef, 1/3 steaks, 1/3 roasts and other cuts.   All are estimates only.  

​Beef is ONLY available in bulk in limited quantities in the fall/early winter, we suggest pre-ordering as early in the year as you can the following dates are available for 2017.  

Pre-order by September 5th for pickup late september

Pre-order by October 3rd for pickup by late October

Pre-order by Nov. 14th for pickup early December.

PORK 1/2 and Whole Bulk Orders

Pork bulk orders are available many times a year.  

A 1/2 pork is priced at $4.00 per pound by the hanging wt. plus USDA processing fees.  Estimate a hanging wt to be around 100 pounds per half, yielding about 60 pounds of meat and processing fees about $100-$130.   Your cost is estimated to be

$400 + $130= $530 per half.  

You can expect the following cuts but your order is custom cut so there is flexibility.

Hams, shoulder roasts or steaks, pork chops or loin roasts, bacon, spare ribs, sausages, tenderloin,  hocks, feet  and any organs plus lard.

There is a $200 per half non refundable deposit due at ordering with the remainder due at pickup at the farm.   
Orders can be made in person or online.   We'll then go over your cut requests. 

​Dates for PORK

​Pre-order by August 25th, pickup is mid September.

​Pre-order by November 10th for pickup after Thanksgiving

Pre-order by Jan 3, 2017 for pickup the end of January 2018 (yes next year!).


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