100% Grass Fed Start to Finish BEEF

We raise the best entirely Grass fed Beef in the area and have over 16 years of experience perfecting our practices.

Our beef is not just delicious but tender, healthy, nutritious, lower in calories and fat than other beef.  

Or herd is a hybrid mix we breed on farm from naturalized hereford and belted galloway cattle.  Our herd is hormone and antibiotic free.

Our beef is raised entirely on grass and forages on our farm.  

They are never fed any grain or corn. 

We take great care in managing our pastures holistically for a long high quality grazing season.  Good grass from April until November is key to our success and our delicious healthy beef.

We make our own hay for winter feed on the farm that uses natural fertilizers like farm compost and animals own manure spreading as they graze.  We never use synthetic fertilizers or herbicides.

Available by the individual cut, packages and fall bulk orders.

Cuts Available, Current Packages and Bulk Orders

Come see us at the farm or when we are at local farmers markets so we can fulfill your Grass Fed Beef needs.

Our Fall & Winter Schedule 

Pasture Raised and Woodland Raised Pork

Our pork comes from our own pigs raised entirely on pasture and woodlands for a naturally delicious pork the way nature intended.  
Once you taste our pork you will know why we raise them outdoors.  
All that fresh air, sunshine, natural grazing and digging in the dirt produces an exceptionally flavorful and fulfilling meat.
Pigs are omnivores and require more than forages to be healthy and thrive.   We supplement them with nutritionally balanced local grains, fresh farm veggies and milk from our own grassfed family cow.

Our pigs are born on the farm, naturally reared by their mother  outdoors on pasture and woodlands.  Once weaned they stay in their family group for the duration of their time here.
Our pigs are a cross of Tamworth and Berkshire breeds for hybrid outdoor vigor essential for our high quality meat.

Pork is available year round by the individual cut, bulk packages and by the half.
Cuts Available, Current Packages and Bulk Orders

Come see us at the farm or farmers markets and fill up on the best pork.
Our Fall & Winter Schedule