Chicken Pre-orders 

& Fall Turkeys​​

Creekside Meadows Farm


Early Bird deadline 5/1/17     

Want to fill your freezer with delicious, nutrient dense, local, pasture raised, chemical free chicken from our farm PLUS save $1 a pound?   This is the best option we can offer.

Our truly pasture raised chicken will be available in limited quantities in 2017 and only seasonally during the summer.   We encourage you to pre-order bulk amounts now and store them in your freezer for eating in the winter.

Chickens must be pre-ordered before April 30th with a $10 non refundable deposit per chicken to lock in the price savings of $1 a pound from our regular market price. 

Pre-order any number of chickens on any of the following dates. All chickens are whole and fresh.

Monday June 19th, Monday September 18th or September 25th.  Pickup is on the dates  you choose ONLY and times are usually 1-7pm.

*All deposits are non-refundable

*All orders must be claimed on the dates  you choose during the stated times.  Any orders not claimed will be charged an additional $5 per chicken storage fee.  Any orders not claimed within 1 week are cancelled, deposits are not refunded, we reserve the right to sell your order that is not claimed, picked up and paid for as ordered.  If you can not pickup your order you need to designate someone to pick it up for you or please do not choose this option.

*You can also pre PAY for extras like feet and necks @ $3.50 per bag of 8 (saving you $1.50 per bag).

*CSA members your pre-order deposits and extras will be deducted from your CSA account so no extra payments !


We have limited amounts of chicken still available for the September 18th pickup.    You can still pre-order for that date with a $10 per chicken deposit.  The discount forFall orders is 50 cents per pound.   We only offer the higher discount for orders placed before May.   PRE-ORDER HERE  This takes you to our online store for credit card payments through Square.   


We have limited quantities of backs (or carcass after deboning) and feet available now (as of June)

Backs are $2 per pound.  Packaged in 1 1/2 to 3 pound bags.  Feet are 8 per bag at $5 each.  Stock up now as we sell out and will have limited offerings in the fall.    First come basis.


We raise our turkeys all summer for your fall feasting dinner.  We only raise them during optimal pasture growing conditions and supplement them with local sourced nongmo grains that we grind fresh on the farm for the best nutrient levels.  Turkeys start as day old poults in our brooder, as their feathers grow in we start letting them go outdoors and learn how fencing works.  Once they are old enough and smart enough we move move their range shelter in the their yard, they quickly figure out this is pretty cool then start roosting in it at night. From there we move the shelter and electrified net fencing out to their pasture for 24/7 grazing all summer.   Their shelter is moved 2-3 times a week, it has no floor so their manure is naturally spread on the ground, their pasture area is surrounded by a few hundred feet of electrified net fencing to keep out ground predators.  This area is moved 1-2 times a week to fresh area so the turkeys always get clean lush grasses to graze and this type of management makes sure the pasture isn't impacted negatively.  

Turkeys are processed on the farm in a dedicated enclosed facility with all approved equipment and supplies.  We chill them, package, label, chill again for a few days before quickly freezing them for sale in November.  We no longer offer non-frozen turkeys.   If you object to this we are sorry you have an issue with our wanting to raise turkeys only during HUMANE HEALTHY WARM pasture conditions and we are sad that you don't know that turkeys purchased in any store that are labelled as fresh can be sold as FRESH at 28F for upto 6 months.    Ours are briefly frozen for a few short weeks and are such outstanding quality that you will love our turkeys.  Customers say our turkeys are even more tender and juicy than any other turkey.   We hope you learn to appreciate what we do and why it's not about a label or it's all about how it was raised in your local community. 

Turkeys are NOT reserved nor do we take deposits.    They are for sale on a first come basis beginning the first weekend in November until sold out!    We do offer storage of your pre-paid for turkey during November for a $10 holding fee on a limited space basis.   

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