Creekside Meadows Farm

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100% Grass Fed Beef

We started our beef herd way back in 1998 with our first 2 hereford beefers- George the steer and Betsy the heifer.  Our herd has changed over the years, we added Scottish Highlanders for about 10 years but have now changed to Herefords and Belted Galloways.  We now breed for grass fed vigor on our farm and do not rely on any particular breed.   

Grassfed is the only beef we have ever produced.  NONE of our herd has any grain ever.      Grassfed Beef is outstanding in taste and nutrition.  It may not be for everyone as not everyone has the proper palate for naturally grassfed beef.   It is beef that healthy for the animals, the Environment and the farmers.   We graze our pastures using a planned holistic grazing system, this is far and above any rotational grazing system.  Our pastures are managed for high quality sustainable production.   We do not graze our herd so they grow fast and grow healthily, we instead manage how they graze so that we optimize pasture production for the long term, the side benefit is naturally healthy robust well muscled beef cattle.   Our pastures grow and produce abundantly all of the growing season no matter the amount or lack of rain.  

We make our own chemical free hay on our pastures for winter feeding.  Our herd has access to free choice organic minerals, salt and sodium bicarb so they can supplement their system as needed.   We graze usually from mid/late April until mid November depending when the snow comes and leaves.  

Our beef is for sale year round by the individual cut or in bulk with 1/4 and 1/2's.  

Pasture Raised Pork

Our pigs aren't just on pig pastures they also graze in our woods as we work them around areas of the farm.   Pigs are naturally diggers and grazers so we make sure they can do both as much as we can.   

All our pork is born on the farm to our sows and raised in family groups.  This allows us to have humanely raised pigs that are never stressed.    We use a mix of older heritage breeds.  Currently we have Large Black, Tamworth, Duroc and Berkshire.    We breed for vigor and health from happy calm sows that give birth naturally with never any gestation or birthing crates- EVER.   

We supplement them with locally sourced nongmo whole grains we grind on the farm ourselves with an added organic mineral.  We also add in milk from our own family cow and vegetable from the farm.  We do NOT feed waste products like brewery grains or old bread.   

Our delicious pork is for sale year round by the individual cut and also in bulk by the 1/2 and whole.

Pasture Raised Poultry

We raise limited amount of meat chickens during the summer only and fall turkeys.   All are raised free ranging with protective huts and electrified net fencing to keep out predators.   Our birds can run around their areas free to flap wings, run in the rain or sun, range on green lush summer grasses, eat worms and be birds!   We hand process on the farm in a dedicated approved facility under federal exemption status.  

We grind grains for them fresh weekly on the farm from local nongmo grains with organic mineral supplements. 

Our Chicken is available in limited quantities seasonally from June-October our while supplies last.   We usually have Wholes, halves, leg quarters, boneless skinless breast and wings but supply is limited.    At times we also offer backs, feet and necks.  We offer an early pre-order for bulk orders with $1 per  pound savings when pre-ordered before May 1st.  Later orders can be placed for fall pickup by contacting the farm.  

Turkey is available in November.   We process them in October and briefly freeze them.    All are for sale on a first come basis every weekend in November at the farm in limited quantities.