Creekside Meadows Farm


1/2 and Whole bulk orders

We raise our pigs all year round and often have multiple processing dates as a result.  

We love it when people make the commitment to eat good meat and from all parts of the animal.   Buying in bulk fills your freezer so it's easy to eat good meat for along time and saves you money in the long run.  

The following dates are when pre-orders are due by.  This includes your deposit and cut order requests.   Orders are generally ready 2-3 weeks later and picked up at the farm with remaining balance paid then.

Preorder by

August 25th

November 10th 


January 3, 2018 (yes early 2018)

All our pork is processed at Kelley Meats in Taberg NY which is a small USDA inspected facility we've used for about 15 or so years.  

Their sausage mixes are outstanding as is their smoked meats.   They do not offer the so called no nitrate smoking and we think what they offer is the best available , the safest and delicious. 

A 1/2 pork is priced at $4.00 per pound by the hanging wt. plus USDA processing fees.  Estimate a hanging wt to be around 90-110 pounds per half, but on average is around 100 pounds yielding about 60 pounds of meat and processing fees about $100-$130.   Your costs will vary by the amount of sausage and smoking your choose but on average for most customers it's been in the $100-$110 range.   

Your cost is estimated to be
$400 + $130= $530 per half estimate only*
You can expect the following cuts but your order is custom cut so there is flexibility.
Hams, shoulder roasts or steaks, pork chops or loin roasts, bacon, spare ribs, sausages, tenderloin,  hocks, feet  and any organs you request plus lard.
There is a $200 per half non refundable deposit due at ordering with the remainder due at pickup at the farm.   
Orders can be made in person or pre-order online to pay your deposit with credit card.   We'll then go over your cut requests before the processing dates.   If  you've never done this before these are the major cuts on most orders:

Smoked or fresh hams (2 large, 2 medium with some center cut steaks or all steaks), shoulder roasts or steaks, chops, spare ribs, bacon, hocks and sausage.   We then fine tune it to what is smoked or not, what size of roasts you prefer, the thickness of the chops, 3, 4 or 5 per pkg, if you want smoked bacon or fresh belly and what 2 types of sausage.  We walk you through it. 


Pricing is same as 1/2 pork   $4.00 per pound based on the hanging wt which is often around 200 pounds for wholes.   Final cost estimate :  $1,000-$1,100 including processing costs.  

Butcher fees are currently as follows:

$50 slaughter (per whole or $25 for 1/2)

55 cents/pound Processing, cut & wrap

Additional fees:

Ground pork 60 cents/pound

Bulk Sausage 85 cents/pound

Link sausage $1.35/pound

   *you can choose 2 types of sausage.   Plain Ground pork, Breakfast, Sweet or Hot Italian.  

Smoking 95 cents/pound

Sizes of our pigs do vary but we try to have them in the 180-210 pound hanging wt range for a whole.  It's tricky as we base our schedule on our how our pigs have grown in the past and also butcher dates available.   We often have to schedule processing date the day the piglets are born and sometimes before they are born.  Good thing we do all the breeding and raising on the  farm so can estimate these things.   It also shows how good this processor is.        You can request the size range you prefer and we will do our best to match you up.