Creekside Meadows Farm

Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Farmstead Soaps, Wood, Blacksmithing, Maple Syrup

SEASONAL SUSTAINABLY RAISED VEGETABLES  What began on the old farm as a huge garden that often got out of control but always provided a majority of our vegetables has now grown to a few acres providing our farmstand and farmers market with sustainably raised chemical free vegetables!.

Our vegetables, herbs and flowers are seasonal with the most abundance from Early June until Late October.  We grow organically as much as possible so use organic practices and products when available.  Not all our seeds are certified organic as some we find grow well here are not always available from organic sources.  We do not use genetically modified seeds on the farm.    We do use open pollinated and hybrids from high quality seed companies like Johnny's, High Mowing Seeds, Fedco, Osborne, Fruition Seeds.  

We prefer to call our vegetables Sustainably Grown instead of Organic which is often overused and misinterpreted. 

We mix our own potting mix with Devine Gardens Vermicompost (worm poo!) and this can be purchased in our area just google it!.  

We also grow an assortment of fresh cut herbs  like parsley, basil, fernleaf and seed head dill (for pickles), cilantro, arugula, thyme, chives ect...) for your summer cooking and a small selection of cut flowers but most are in the gardens for beneficial insects and our pollinators.


We make small batches of Maple Syrup from our trees and the neighbors trees.    We use a wood fired boiler for the old time flavor and burn wood scraps from our sawmilll which are  our own trees.    Available in 1 quart and 12 oz glass jars.


We use only lard and tallow as the fats (or oils) in our handmade small batch soaps.   We do NOT use non-sustainable sources of oils like palm, coconut or olive oil .  Instead we do things the old fashioned way with lard from our pigs and tallow from our cows (and other local farms).  This is slowly rendered (melted), filtered and then used in the soap making process.  

We also do not use colorings in our soaps.    We scent soaps using high grade essential oils or fragrance oils, then the natural color comes out in the soap.   From pure white to almond color to a dark tan.   Some ingredients we may use are local organic oatmeal and cornmeal, organic fair trade coffee grounds, pumice, luffa.  

Available year round at the farm and farmers markets in a variety of scents and unscented.

LUMBER and Wood products.

We do have our own band saw saw mill but at this time only saw lumber for our own farm use.  We also make a small amount of furniture, cutting boards, rolling pins, soap dishes, and crafts all from our own farm trees.    Available when we finish a project but sorry we aren't able to do custom projects at this time


Cameron, the 2nd Generation is an avid blacksmith and you'll see more of his work soon.