We offer a unique way for you to financially support the farm as we grow your food for you this year, you get to enjoy the best of the farm and we get to offer you savings.  

The Whole Farm CSA is quite simple:

- You choose the financial level that suits you


- You have complete choice what to purchase, when to purchase and in any amount for a whole year!

- You can also add to  your balance at any time ($500 minimum).

-All deposits are good for one year from deposit.

There are no weekly or monthly pickups, no overfull fridge, no worries if you have enough room in the freezer, no throwing out food you didn't like or got too much of.  Its your choice what to purchase from ANY of our food products.  Any meats, maple syrup, vegetables, herbs, flowers, plus  our soaps, lip balms and skin salves.  The only exception to this Whole Farm CSA is the Bulk/Wholesale orders of Beef & Pork (like 1/4, 1/2, whole) are not part of the CSA but the Pre-order bulk chicken is included.  

When you join at any level beginning at $500 you receive a Farm Debit Card that is loaded with your amount plus an extra 10%.   You then shop with us at the farm or at the farmers market all year long for what you want that day from what we have in stock.   Pay for your purchases with the debit card, we send you an email or text with what you purchased and your remaining balance.   

Membership LevelCostYour Debit Card CreditMonthly Spending EstimateOften works for this size household
Beginner$500$550$40/monthSingles & couples who may be new to shopping directly from farms and often casual local food eaters.   Quite popular with retirees who travel often and summer camp visitors
Basic$1,000$1,100$80/monthSingles and couples who love eating good food and supporting local farms.  Also families starting the CSA who add to their account later in the year.
Bounty$1,500$1,650$125/monthAll sizes of households eating local foods regularly and make a point to purchase local grass raised meats and seasonal produce.    Most of our CSA members use this amount in a year or less. 
Localvore Family I$2,000$2,200$165/monthHouseholds of all sizes eating regularly in season and local.
Localvore Family II$2,500$2,750$200/monthJust a bit more budget for the Localvores!
Foundation$3,000$3,300$250/monthDedicated grass based meat eaters and loves to eat everything local and in season and mostly cooks all meals from home.

JOINING is simple:   Stop at our Farmstore or find us at the Farmers Markets, pay via cash, check or credit card.  

OR  join online TODAY!