Meat and Vegetable CSA!

Our Whole Farm CSA is just one way to purchase our products, you never ever have to be a member to purchase our delicious offerings. Our CSA option is really different.

Years ago we started offering Monthly Meat Packs, customers paid ahead for a monthly bundle of our meats. We were told how great it was but could we add in some vegetables? Could we work in more choice? So we figured out a way that works really well for you and for us. It gives us financial boosts as we grow food and gives you direct access to our delicious offerings with a 15% bonus for your commitment.

Check it out and see if it’s an option for you. If it isn’t still come see us we have lots of great food to offer.


No weekly commitments and no items you don’t want!


2019 updates

UPDATE MAY, 2019. We limit our number of CSA sign ups each year and 2019 sign ups are now closed.

But you can still come see us at the Cazenovia Farmers Market every Saturday for all our MEATS and VEGETABLE offerings all summer season. Also our Roadside Farmstand opens for the season sometime in June (depends on when veggies are ready)

You make the financial commitment of $500 (or higher) and you get an extra 15% bonus on our CSA account for farm food product purchases. (that’s 5% more than previous years). You get a Farm Debit Card to track purchases through our credit card reader (squareup), it sends you an email after every use for easy tracking and let’s you know your current balance.

Use that balance any time, for any of our farm FOOD products-



Maple Syrup


Non-food items are exempt and can be purchased separately. That’s due to sales tax and bookkeeping.

You join anytime of year and your balance is good for 1 year!

There are NO pickup dates. You simply shop with us when you need items from what we have in stock.

You will likely make more than $500 in purchases- most members do buy more than that in a year. As your balance gets lower you simply renew you membership before your balance is zero to get a nice bonus.

You can renew at the minimum of $300-$499 amount before your balance runs out and receive a 5% bonus only.

Renew at $500 or more before your balance runs outs you get that 15% bonus again.

You get a bright green debit card to be scanned when making purchases, you then get an email or text about your purchase amount and remaining balance.

What our products are:

Beef, Pork- are available usually year round. At times some cuts may be sold out but we still have a good selection of cuts year round. Sorry we no longer offer chicken or turkey and haven’t sold eggs in 10 years.

Vegetables- mostly seasonal. Our vegetable production is slowly expanding each year and is not like the other Vegetable CSA options- we grow popular items more seasonally with less of the weird stuff and it’s all free choice. This summer we will also be offering pre-ordering for our CSA members. We send an email mid week with veggie offerings that will be ready on Saturday for pickup in Cazenovia. You can then just order exactly what you want and have it ready when you get to the market. It’s a simple bonus that helps you, no rushing to get there early and helps us pick what’s wanted.

Maple Syrup & Popcorn- year round


Payments and Membership Accounts are NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason. You may transfer it to another individual with farm approval. You must use your balance within 1 year of deposit.

There are no refunds or extentsions for unused expired balances

Non-food items that have NYS tax applied like our soaps, sprays, woodworking, blacksmithing and so on are not part of the CSA and are for sale separately.

Promotional Coupons and online discount offers codes ARE NOT PART OF THE CSA Program and your balance can not be used for their purchase.

Beef wholesale orders- like 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef. Pork Wholesale- 1/2 and whole Pork. These are already discounted and not part of the CSA. If you have a CSA account and decide to buy one of the wholesale options your CSA balance is not transferable to that purchase.

****First purchase of a new member is limited in the first week to 20% of deposit amount. If you joined at $500 your first weeks purchase using your CSA account is limited to $100.

If you are a current member with a balance on your account and you make a purchase for over the amount on your CSA account, we debit your CSA account until it is zero. You then pay the remaining amount on your bill out of pocket. You then can make a deposit on your CSA account to obtain any applicable bonus amounts.

The CSA is not intended for large bulk purchases and we reserve the entire right to limit purchase amounts and refuse additional membership that we feel are unreasonable, abusing the program and taking unfair abusive advantage of the bonus system.

The bonus is a thank you from this small family farm to our members who are investing in the longer term to benefit the farm and who make regular purchases with us.


The Winter on Farm store - limited hours.

The Summer Roadside Farmstand June-October (honor system).  This is stocked with mostly Vegetables and small amount of meats.

Summer Farmers Market in Cazenovia.  Saturdays  9 am til 2pm.  Late May until end of October.   We mostly carry our meats at the farmers market with a small amount of vegetables.   You can shop from our selection or pre-order online and we'll have your order ready for you to pickup with no waiting which is great when  you are busy!

Winter Farmers Market- 3rd Saturday of the month in Cazenovia, 2nd Saturday of the month at Baltimore Woods Marcellus. Note- No April Market in Cazenovia in 2019.

Plus we also offer local delivery weekly in Onondaga and Madison Counties ($100 minimum order)


Our on farm hours differ by the season . These will expand in coming year as we build a new separate year round farm store.

Payment for the Farm Subscription can  be made in person with Cash or Check- Check is prefered.

Credit Card transactions for CSA membership and renewals will have 2.75% processing fee added to cover our cost of this convenience.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM US!!! This is very simply a way for some people to put up a larger financial commitment as we grow the food and you don’t need a large freezer for meat storage. It is not for everyone so don’t worry you can always shop with us not being a member.