Here at Creekside Meadows we only sell what we grow or make here on the farm.    So you can be sure your family is getting a truly delicious top quality product raised by us and what we enjoy too.

100% Grassfed Grain Free BEEF,  Pasture Woodland Raised PORK,  Seasonal Chemical Free VEGETABLES

Farmstead Soaps & Salves, Maple Syrup  and more.

100% Grassfed Beef

Raised from birth to finish on a forage grass diet and never any corn or grain ever!  This is beef your family will enjoy eating and you'll know it's the best for your health.  Click the green button to read up more about our healthy & delicious beef and how we raise it.

Available for purchase by the individual cuts like burgers, steaks and roasts, convenient meat bundles and also wholesale amounts like 1/4 and 1/2.   Click on the green button for more information. OUr beef 1/4 and 1/2's are SOLD OUT for 2018. See us at the Cazenovia Market to purchase individual cuts. WINTER MEAT PACKS AND GIFT PACKS ARE READY! Click here for details and how to order

Pasture Raised Pork

If you are unhappy with the quality and taste of the pork you are buying plus the dubious origins then try our Pasture Raised Pork.   You'll be amazed by how great it tastes and be comfortable that it was raised on a small local family farm.   It really is delicious and you can enjoy pork again.  

We offer our pork all year round by the individual cut include 3 types of bacon, a paleo "naked bacon" (sliced pork belly), 8 types of sausage including smoked kielbasa and hot dogs, chops, roasts, ribs, hams and so much more.  We also offer pork by the 1/2 and whole twice a year so you can stock your freezer while helping your budget.    Or try one of our Meat Bundles!  Click the green button to learn more about how we raise our pork on our farm and our offerings.

Sorry but we do NOT offer Roaster Pigs.   OUr 1/2 and whole pork are closed for orders in 2018. More available March 2019 or try some of our Winter Meat Packs, Gift Packs HERE or come to the farmers market to purchase individual cuts.


If  you are tired of the tasteless carrots, blah lettuce and your kids saying they don't like the vegetables we have a delicious option for you from our farm.  Grown with no chemicals and only using sustainable safe growing practices like our own compost and crop rotations our vegetables are packed with flavor and picked fresh for you.    Always non-gmo too.  

We grow seasonally with most selection available from Late June- Late October.


Are you tired of dry cracked itchy skin?  Have you tried lots of lotions, potions and soaps and still nothing has helped?   

We know exactly what you are going through and it's been 5 years since we stopped our dry skin!  It all starts with a natural homegrown ingredients- beef tallow and pork lard and no imported oils.  Truly sustainable! 

Now includes hand salves, balms. lip balms, and BugOff spray that is farmer tested and approved!

Available year round at the farm, Cazenovia Farmers Market and soon to be shipped.


Pure Maple Syrup

Are you ready for the best maple syrup and dumping the fake stuff?  Ours is made the old fashioned way on a wood fired boiler in small batches and double filtered.  The flavor and clarity will amaze you.  It's not just for pancakes and waffles, enjoy it in your coffee, drizzled over sausage, in yogurt, cooking and a quick sip as a natural energy boost.  Available in 1/2 gallon plastic, 1 quart glass, 12 oz glass, 8 oz plastic at the farm and Cazenovia Farmers Market from spring until we run out!