We mainly sell our meats at the farm or the farmers markets and offer a very small amount of wholesale amounts when we can.

We offer 1/4 and 1/2 beef by pre-order only.  It is a very limited available and order early in the year is advised as we only process beef from June-October because our beef is ONLY Grassfed it is "finished" on the best lushest most nutritious grasses during those months.  Remember we have a grain free beef herd!

Pricing:  $5.50 a pound by the hanging weight.  This INCLUDES USDA processing at our butcher using our standard cut order.   Our beef is DRY AGED for 10-14 days as the standard for grassfed beef.

Hanging weight estimates are 450-600 pounds.  The take home meat is usually 50-60% of that amount.  

Estimates:  Final cost for 1/2 - $1,500    1/4 $800  

1/4 beef and 1/2 beef are a mix of front and rear cuts.  Expect about 1/3 as ground beef and stewing cuts, 1/3 roasts and 1/3 steaks.

Cuts you receive:

about 1/3 as Ground beef in 1 pound packages, Stew meat in 1 pound packages, Short Ribs & Meaty Soup Shanks & dog bones.   Short ribs and soup shanks can be changed to ground beef on request.

1/3 as Roasts:  Brisket, Rump, Chuck, eye round, london broil (optional shaved steak instead of london broil)

1/3 as Steaks: Sirloin, Ribeye, Tenderloin, Tbone & Porterhouse,  (or opt for whole tenderloin and NY strip)

Steaks are standard 1" thickness and packaged 2 per pkg except Sirloin steaks are 1 per pkg.   Roasts are often 2 1/2-3 pounds.

Organ meats like: heart, tongue, Liver are optional and can be declined if you don't want.  

All cuts are vacuum packed, labelled and flash frozen. Pickup is at the farm only.

2019 1/4 and half beef are sold out. Contact us for info about the 25 and 50 pound packs that will be available.

We do offer plenty of individual cuts at the Cazenovia Farmers Market so come see us. Try our beef before you even think of filling up your freezer.


1/2 and WHOLE PORK

2019 Pork.

Another great option to fill your freezer is 1/2 or whole pork from our pastures.

Only available in 2019 in the fall and only a small amount. If you are a customer of ours already and love everything pork talk to us about this bulk options. If you aren’t a customer you need to be one to buy bulk orders.

OPTION 1- Customer cut request:   $4 a pound by the hanging weight.  It does not include the USDA processing.  You pay that butcher fee and this depends on your smoking and sausage making order.  Estimate for a 1/2 with the typical cut order to be around $130 for the processing. 

Hanging weights for our pork is usually around 180-220 pounds.  Take home meat is often around 50-60% of the hanging wt.

Estimate of your cost:  $525 for a 1/2 based on a 100 pound hanging weight for that half.  With about 60 or so pounds of meat for your freezer.  




We now offer an easier option. For $525 you get 1/2 a pig and about 60 pounds for your freezer.

2 smoked bone in half hams (about 4 pounds)

3-4 Smoked Ham Steaks

2 small butt roasts (or if you prefer a large 4-5 pound one)


Spare Ribs

Center Cut Pork Chops 1 inch thick 4 per pkg (about 3-4 packs)

1 Boneless loin Roast

1 pkg of country ribs

6-8 packages of smoked bacon

smoked hocks

Neck bones for stock

2 types of bulk (not link) sausage (about 10+ pounds) Your choice of sweet italian, hot italian, breakfast or ground pork.

1 bag of lard

2-3 pkgs of liver- optional

This is an all inclusive package for $525. No changes can be made and everything comes as stated (you can ask for no liver). This is by far the easiest way to buy our pork in bulk and cuts we know are the most popular and easiest to use.

Talk to us in person about these options and be sure to already be buying pork from us.


$200 deposit for 1/2 pork

$400 deposit for Whole Pork

Come see us at the Cazenovia Farmers Market to make your deposit. Deposits NON REFUNDABLE for any Reason.