Welcome to another part of the farm.

When we purchased the farm it had about 60 acres of woodlands that had been logged about a decade before. The logging company was irresponsible and wreaked havoc on the land and trees left behind.

Since our move we’ve been removing those damaged trees and using some for firewood but many we can salvage for lumber on our own bandsaw sawmill. Those logs are cut into lumber then allowed to air dry while we plan how to use the lumber. Some has already been used to build our farm stand, the sugar shack, fix up the barns and build some furniture.

Now in the winter months we have the spare time to start working with the lumber.

Each piece of furniture, cutting boards, utensils and crafts are unique and use lumber cut from our own farm with a few pieces coming logs from trees we are given from friends or family. Dad would say can you use those old cherry trees out back or that blue spruce the needles are falling off of? Then take them down they are yours.

What we sell from the farm truly is made on the farm by us the farmers! We do not resell, we do buy wholesale, we do not buy unfinished pieces. We cut it, saw it, dry it, create it, finish it.

Who does this? We do.

On these pages we will be showcasing some of the current inventory as we finish them.

Purchases can be made at the farm or at farmers markets.

We can deliver locally for a mileage fee but sorry we do not ship items.

Son, Cameron is also a Blacksmith and you’ll find some cool hand forged using farm made charcoal and scrap steel (often dug out of hedgerows on farms!) metal creations. Offerings depend on his spare time and creative juices.