Creekside Meadows Farm

Are you ready to improve your health?  

Are you looking for food that tastes wonderful without all the fuss?

Is your family plagued with digestive problems or being told to avoid some foods?

Are you just tired of all the stuff out there telling  you eating this is bad or eat more of this to cure your problems?

Are you ready for honest, wholesome, real and naturally delicious food?

We've been raising our own food for over 25 years.  We took that love of growing things and built our family farm business around that.   We get so much enjoyment and satisfaction knowing our food not just feeds families but those families have improved health and well being once they change their diets. 

Those families have less picky eaters now that the kids get wholesome meats and vegetables.  

People tell us they feel better and they cut back their medications and supplement, some even eliminate them altogether! 

It's something we see in ourselves.  Our son has been raised on our own food almost his entire life.  He can't stand to eat out because he gets stomach aches and it also tastes too salty or no taste at all.  He is now in his 20's and running the farm with us.   He is the picky eater- he only wants the good stuff!   We rarely eat out because the quality is just not there nor is the taste.  It takes us a few days for our digestive systems to find balance afterwards.  Listen to  your kids, they have great taste buds!

Once you change your diet to really good well raised grass fed and pasture raised meats along with naturally raised wholesome vegetables it's amazing how much your life can improve.   

We know because we've been there.

We found out how delicious the food we raised was and had to share with people we cared about.   This led to them being customers and asking us to raised more food because it was so wonderful so they could share what they found with their family and friends.

It's that desire to help people eat better and feed their families really good and high quality food that keeps us growing food and growing the farm.

Are you bothered with dry itchy skin?   Have you tried lots of things and you still can't get better.   

It was the same for us.  All 3 of us had dry itchy skin and we did try just about everything usually the problem got worse.   A farmer friend shared her recipe and I gave it a try.   That first winter we stopped using purchased soaps and used what I made exclusively.   Our dry skin literally disappeared.  It was amazing and we've never gone back!

The secret?   No secret at all, it's using natural sustainable ingredients:  Beef tallow and pork lard. Yes, our skin loves it and we no longer have dry skin.    It's true!


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We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Farm proudly bearing the Homegrown by Heroes Label!

We are often asked by the local media to tell our story.   Check out a few of them.


A recognized leader in regenerative holistic agriculture and often featured in local, regional and national media.

American Family Farmer  May 2017  WCCV-TV in Utica NY

National Farmer Veteran Coalition  November 2017

Syracuse New Times August 2017

Keynote address Holistic Management Beginning Women Farmers Conference


You may have also seen us on local TV- 9wsyr and Time Warner Cable or Syracuse University talking about farming or grazing.

or read about us in the Local Media:  Country folks magazine, Cornell Small Farms, Syracuse Women's Magazine, Syracuse Neighbors East, and many others.  

and also nationally

Acres USA March 2013 and Holistic Management In Practice 2014