Pure Maple Syrup

We have a small and rapidly growing maple syrup part of the farm that utilizes our hillside maple trees.

We are old fashioned by not using reverse osmosis and also use a wood fired boiler powered by our own farm wood.  

Produced in small batches right on the farm for that authentic smokey purely delicious maple syrup.   Tested for quality, double filtered and bottled in glass so you can see the clarity and color.

2018 Syrup is coming and and this is ready now:

1 Quart Glass Jar $18.50 - in stock

12 ounce glass jug $10.00 -  in stock

8 oz plastic jug $8.00 - limited

1 Gallon plastic jug $40- Only available by special request

1/2 gallon plastic jug $25- Only available by special request.

 *Plastic jugs are only used in very limited quantities so pre-order is advised in Feb & March when we are making syrup.  

When we are tapping trees we often open the farm for visitors to see what we do plus are open whenever we are boiling in the season.  STay in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram and join the fun as we make golden sweetness.

We do not sell sap or syrup wholesale but happy to refer you to our neighbors in Deruyter who do.

*******Thursday Feb. 22nd and Friday Feb. 23rd our Sugar Shack is open to visitors from 1-2pm. **********   See it all in operation and bring home some.  Plus Farmstore is open for meats like bacon, hams, sausage and more to go with your syrup!

Dress for cold muddy weather!