Farmstead Soaps

For so many years our family has had very dry skin all year round.  We tried every lotion finding that some worked for the short term but many did nothing to improve our skin.  We tried changing soaps and found that the so called vegetarian, goats milk and pure glycerin ones that touted to cure dry skin, well they didn't and then acne would often occur.  

Does this sound like you?   Dry skin?  Breakouts?  Nothing works for long?   

Four years ago I jumped in making our own soaps with tallow from our beef herd and lard from our pigs and by that first winter we didn't have dry skin!   It was amazing.   

I knew I had to start offering this to our customers. 

Tallow and lard are often waste products that we could never use enough of  our our customers shied away from the mistaken thought that animals fats are bad.    So we took this, slowly rendered (melted) it down, filtered it and from there made a very simple old fashioned soap.  Try it and we know you'll like it too.

Soaps are made with the simplest of ingredients. Tallow, Lard, water and sodium hydroxide.    We use minimal amounts of essential oils and fragrance oils to add scenting.     A few soaps will have added oatmeal, coffee grounds, cornmeal, pumice or small amounts of flowers or dried herbs.   These are added for specific reasons like exfoliating or cleaning.  

We never use colorants or dyes in the soaps.  The colors are organic ranging from pure white to off white, almond and light browns.    Some colors come from the fragrance oils themselves as they go through the soap making process.

Many of our customers say their skin loves our soaps and we hope you will try them too.  

Soaps are not just for handwashing but for all over the body and face (except for any with exfoliating ingredients).  

If you think lye soap is bad think again, lye is how ALL soap is made.    Most things sold in stores isn't even really soap it's called other things like body wash or detergent and so on.   Soap is pure, simple, and actually is mild to the skin.   They are long lasting too!

Soaps are $6 each and are 4 ounces per bar.   

Scents available vary but our main ones often available are:


Unscented Oatmeal


Lavender Oatmeat

Honey Almond Oatmeal

Monkey Farts (mix of fruity scents)

Rosemary Mint

Bay rum & Lime

Oakmoss and Sandalwood

Cucumber Melon

Balsam Fir and Lavender

and many more


Online ordering available soon.  Until then you can email us with your inquiry.  

We usually ship upto 4 bars for an extra $5.95 shipping.