We began raising our own pork about 15 years ago and believe that to be healthy and produce delicious meat, pigs should be raised naturally outdoors.   You will taste the difference and your family will asking for more.


You've probably noticed that most pork offered at grocery stores is pale, often doesn't taste great and is priced so cheaply you have to wonder how it's done.    You should wonder and be wary of too cheap!

We were turned off by what we could purchase in the store too.  The taste was blah and the quality just not there.   We had been raising our own beef and chicken for a few years by then and had experienced how superior those were compared to grocery store meats.  Once we raised a few pigs we knew our customers would love wholesome pork raised outdoors on our farm and it's true they do!

All our pork is bred, born and raised in family groups on the farm.   This is important to us because too many times farmers selling piglets cut corners with nutrition and many use gestation crates.  We opted to be in control and have our pigs on the farm with the most humane conditions we can provide them.  

Depending on the time of year they may be on grazing and digging a pasture area, romping or lounging under the trees in the woods, in a winter area on firm ground for snowy weather.   They always have a shelter and lots of space to be pigs.  
Our pigs are fed a local diet of non-gmo whole grains we grind and mix on the farm depending on their nutritional needs.  They also graze, munch on hay, dig in the dirt, eat leftover vegetables, clean up after sweet corn, harvest pumpkins and love milk from our own family cow.  A key thing to know is we NEVER feed our pigs what we consider garbage or waste products like day old bread or brewers grain.   We feel those items are not healthy for the pigs and lower the quality of the meat.  Just because pigs eat it doesn't mean it's good for them.  The same goes for us humans!

Our pork is available year round by the individual cut including many types of smoked bacon, unsmoked uncured paloe naked bacon (belly), 8-9 types of sausage include italian styles, chorizo, brats, kielbasa and hot dogs, plus chops, ribs and roasts.   Try our budget friendly meat bundles or fill your freezer with a 1/2 or whole.   You can find us at the farm (check days and times each season and at the Cazenovia Farmers Market or we'll deliver in Madison and Onondaga Counties!

Pork is processed at an exception USDA inspected butcher we've been working with for over 16 years now.  It's flash frozen for optimum quality plus vacuum packed and individually labelled.     We have a great farm blog with tips on cooking pork, recipes, stories and pictures around the farm so you can enjoy everything that we do.