All photography is taken on the farm and our animals.  


Happy Healthy cows grazing our peaceful and beautiful pastures is what you'll find when you come for a visit during the grazing season.   You can enjoy a walk in our pastures full of lush green grasses, wildflowers and chirping birds.


Healthy      Nutrient Dense      Sustainable      

Always Delicious


What is 100% Grassfed Beef

We know you've probably had a hard time finding beef that has never beef fed grain, that tastes delicious, is tender, nutritious and raised in your community.  

We know because we've been there!  

We are one of the very few farms in the area that has a 100% Birth to finish Grassfed Beef Herd.   We have never fed our herd any grain or corn in any form.  They are entirely grass forage fed, grazed, all their lives.  It's the best diet for them and our environment.  

We've been raising beef for over 20 years, first for ourselves because we wanted healthy delicious food we raised on our own land and later as we found out people like you really wanted Grassfed Beef it led us to start offering it for sale.   

We have always managed our pastures with no pesticides, no herbicides, no conventional fertilizers.  Our herd is managed by us to not just eat grass but to improve the fertility of the soil, enhance the biodiversity of the system and naturally increase the productivity of the land.  

Our beef is antibiotic and hormone free, processed at a small family owned USDA inspected facility for the best quality and always raised on our farm.

You can eat our Grassfed Beef knowing you are feeding your family the best meat, from a local farm you know personally and can come right to the farm to see how the animals are cared for.  It's important to us that we know you, you know us and that  you can come out and see where your food comes from.  

Our beef is dry aged for 14 days (it's all grassfed beef needs!), vacuum packed, individually labelled then flash frozen for optimum freshness.  


Individual cuts like burgers, ground beef, hot dogs, steaks, stew cuts, roasts and more and budget friendly Bundleses and packages.    Year round at the Farm and the Cazenovia Farmers Market.


Join our Whole Farm CSA Farm Membership (and get a 10% extra bonus).  

OR We also offer money saving freezer filling 1/4 and 1/2 beef .    Available for 2018 as follows:

July- Sold Out

August- Sold Out

September- available

October Sold out. 

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