We spend so much of our time outdoors on the farm that we know almost every inch of it, or it seems to.   During the warm grazing season I'm out moving the beef herd to fresh grass twice a day and that is a lot of walking the same ground over and over.   I'm looking to see how much the cows grazed that day and how areas they grazed the day before and a week before are recovering.  Is the grass growing like we want it to?   How much did the cows graze?  Did they only take the top half of the plants?   Did they graze things too low?  What didn't they graze?    That last question is an important one.   Are there plants that are over mature and not very palatable?  Like lettuce that has gone bitter.  Sure you can eat it but is it any good for you plus it tastes horrible!  
With cows is a question of the stage of that plants growth, we want it soft, juicy, succulent and high nutrition since they cows are getting all their nutrients for only grass we have to manage grass for their needs.  We also have to balance the needs of the plant and how everything impacts the ecosystem.
We've learned to look for these things and many more.   It makes for a busy mind and body.
It also in the end produces a delicious healthy meat sustainably raised for the long term health of the farm, the land, us the farmers and you who are eating it.
So that's a brief look into some of our grazing practices from 2017.   Enjoy and know that you have a choice where your food comes from, who raised it and know that you impact the local ecosystem.   We don't have a fancy label or marketing team with strategies to make  you feel good about spending your money.
We are honest and open about what we do and why.   We have to make a living just like everyone else.  It's a tough business but one that matters to us.  Profits are slim, suicide rates are the highest of any occupation, stress is daily, rewards are pure clean healthy food that nourishes the body and soul. and land.  Enjoy the clean fresh air and water it's a thing in jeopardy when buying cheap food is so dominant.

Thank you.