Shaved Steak Quesadillas

Shaved Steak is something I rarely see at any meat counter and I know many don't know how to use it other than Steak Sandwiches.  We have these really thin slices of steak- also called Minute Steaks- cut from either the London Broil or the Sirloin Tip.  The cook in less than a minute and work well with any seasoning or quick marinade.  I usually just keep it simple.

Here's one way that makes great little appetizers or a quick simple meal.
It's extremely versatile so add more to it since you know what your family likes.

Quesadillas with Creekside Meaodws Shaved Steak

1 pound Creekside Shaved Steak
1 package of flour tortillas  Any size you like to use.  I had some 6" for this.

8 ounces colby jack cheese- for mild   or cheddar  or a smoked type or a spicy jalapeno one.
Shred it.

Salt, Pepper, olive oil

Heat a cast iron griddle or non stick pan over medium-high heat.   Add a little olive oil.

Lay out the shaved steak on a tray, blot dry with paper towel, dust with some salt and pepper.

When pan is hot add the steaks a few at a time.  Lay them flat out.  You will brown each side.  This can take 15-30 seconds a side.  They cook quickly since they are so thin so no need to over due!

Remove to a cookie tray.   keep this warm as you work, so place in a slightly warmed oven.   Cook the next batch of steaks until all are done.

Wipe out your pan and lay 1 flour tortilla in the pan.  Use medium heat.   work quickly sprinkle a thin layer cheese over 1/2 of the tortilla, then add a layer of shaved steak and a thin layer of cheese.
 Fold the tortilla over the top.   As the cheese melts flip it over so the other side melts.   Remove to plate and cut into 3-5 wedges.

Repeat with the remaining steak and cheese.    Now you can go thicker with your layers if you wish.   Add  in any extras you like.   Arugula would be good, spinach, tomato slice, thin apple slices, avacado, cooked peppers and onion.    Change up the type of cheese to what you like or have on hand.

Serve with salsa and sour cream or ranch dressing (farmer Cam!) or whatever you like.

Again these make really nice little bites for gatherings, kids lunches, snacks.    Let me know what you do!

FARMSTORE IS OPEN   Sunday January 7th  Noon-2pm.
  We decided to close for saturday but are available by appointment.  It's the cold and we don't know if we'll be plowed out much on Saturday.


We have NEW meat packs for January, some revised ones from previous and all our meats by the individual cut.

Send me your favorite recipe for me to try and maybe I can post it here.   I try to keep things simple and as seasonal as I can but ready for anything (except liver, can't stand it!)

Remember your body needs to be nourished so put good things in it.  Simple things and less boxes or processed foods.  
Make your food from your home with love and not rely on someone else to do it for you is one big step towards a healthier life.  

Cooking doesn't have to be difficult, it should be simple and it can be very easy.

I know many places offer ready made meals.  We don't and I never plan to.    We want more people to take charge of what goes into their bodies by preparing it themselves.
 It's love that should go into it, positive energy and simple ingredients found locally.  
It can be done and it's why this blog is here to show you how we do it.  You can do it.

Let us help you eat better this year.