Sap Season & updates

Sap Season is likely staring here in a few days.  Next week looks like perfect weather for the sap to start running in our maple trees.  We added on 100+ taps on our hillside.   When you come to the farm you'll see a blue line snaking it's way up the hill and into the trees. That is the main supply line.  Smaller tubing will connect the taps in the trees to the main line.  Sap will flow down hill right into our storage tank the boiled to become syrup.   

As we boil we will try to post hours when we are open for visitors to stop in and see how we do things.  Syrup will be for sale as we finish it.   

Glass Quart jars are $17  (reg. $18.50)

12oz glass jugs are $9 (reg. $10)

We also bottle in some plastic on a limited basis.   Other sizes smaller and large available by pre-order only.  Just ask.  

1/2 gallon plastic jugs are $25  

1/2 pints $5

Grading: In the past most of our syrup has been medium to dark.


UPDATES:  A lot of snow melted and now there is mud but the forecast said we will freeze later today but thaw out for next week.   Spring is getting here.  

The hay we feed the cows is getting lower and lower, less than a thousand bales left but enough until spring grazing time.  The dogs enjoy the space in the barn to play while I haul bales to the cows.  We have a slick set up this year where we are feeding them from above them.  We can toss hay into their feeders from above their heads making for easier and much cleaner work for us.

A group of pigs went to the butcher and meat coming back in a few weeks.   We still have plenty of sausage and roasts for your table so come on out and fill up.   Some nice packages to make your choices easier are available.

Did you know pigs raised outdoors store Vit D in their fat and meat, mostly in the fat.  This is why cooking with lard and cooking pork with fat is a big benefit to your health in the winter when Vit d is often lower in our bodies.  Vitamins and minerals from our animals meat is also a bio-available source unlike many supplements that your body may not be able to readily absorb.   

Plus our pork isn't in packages full of saline solutions which the industry calls sneakily "enhanced pork".    Have you seen this?   I don't hit the meat part of the store often but golly there is a lot of it out there.   Amazing and sad.  

So as you plan you meals we hope we are feeding you well.  Let us know what we can do to help make it easier for you.    We deliver in the area every week for free!