Real & Simple Home Cooked Meals Challenge

Real & Simple Home Cooked Meals Challenge.   It's time to get REAL!
We at Creekside Meadows are Challenging YOU to step into your kitchen every day for one week and prepare every dinner from scratch.   Plus find out how to have leftovers and use them for lunches.

You are going to be responsible for your food preparation and using your kitchen often.  It's time to drop the fad "diets" and sourcing "cheap" foods that can't give your body the nutrients it needs.

No prepared foods
No eating out
Emphasis on local foods found in CNY this time of year.   Yup it's winter and it's possible.

We are going to detox from relying on others to prepare food for you.
You are going to get those people who are eating with you at home to have a hand it preparation.   No whining they are busy with sports or studying.  I know they are but change the behavior patterns now to having a part in preparing food so they can make better choices in the future.

We are going to:

1.   Make  a menu plan for a week so you can be prepared.  We will be posting our menu soon and will have corresponding meat packs for sale at the farm to make it easy for you to be ready for good meats for the week.  If you aren't local to us find your local farmers- they are there and many need you this time of year. Find them.

2.  Use local seasonal items.   This may mean no baby lettuce/greens that have no taste and come  in those clear plastic boxes at a store.  Step away from the empty mouthfuls of tasteless green weeds that grew far away.  Put things nutritious in your body that are substantial, not blah.

3. No going out to eat and no prepared or partially prepared meals.   
You are going to eat what is prepared in your kitchen and take responsibility for your meals and what goes into your body.   No more having someone cut up your veggies or preseason your meats or soaking your meat in saline solutions.

4.  Cut back on processed foods.  I am not saying make your own sour cream or yogurt or bread or pasta!
No boxes of mac & cheese, no cans of baked beans or soups kind of things.

5.  Meet your farmers here:
These meals will be based on locally sourced well raised meats and will feature our own because it's our blog and our challenge.   It will be truly eating like a farmer.

6.   Awakening your taste buds to simple pleasures and honest taste of food.

Are you ready?    You can do this.

Find out more about the food you buy.

Find out the stories behind our food choices here at the farm.

Find out how make small important changes in what you eat.

Find out how those changes do impact your community.

Find out what it matters to rely on personal relationships with people growing your food.

Find out why you need to look beyond a label and look at the farms here in your community.

 Come along.   I dare you!

Farmstore is open Saturday and Sunday 12-2pm.   Come on out!