Simple Steps to Improve Digestion

Maybe you often have an "off " stomach or indigestion or wonder are you allergic to some foods.   What you may consider is how you eat your food and the quality of  your food.  

1.   Chew your food, chewing releases digestive juices needed to properly digest your food.  Americans seem to be averse to using their pearly whites which is sad because they are designed for chewing and the first step in good digestion.

2.  Stop Juicing and drinking so many smoothies.  Often when you juicy vegetables and fruits there is the pile of fiber leftover.   That fiber is essential to your digestive health.    I sure do love carrot juice but eating carrots is the better option for my health.    If I have to juice 5 carrots to get a glass of juice and 2 cups of fiber is leftover- this is not a good thing.  

3.  Throw out the protein powders, the whey powder, the bone broth powders.   These are highly processed with preservatives and not as good for you as you are led to believe.

4.  Get your protein from high quality well raised meats, cook it the way it needs to be cooked and CHEW IT.   This blog is packed with recipes on how we cook our meats here at the farm.   Plus you can purchase our meats directly from us and I'm happy to help you choose the right cuts plus walk you through some simple cooking methods. 

4.  Make your own broth or stock.  Use it in your cooking for soups, stews, cooking vegetables in, cooking rice in, drink it plain.   It is great for your digestion and great for your joints if you have pain there, mine is greatly improved since adding our own homemade broths to my everyday cooking.

Here is a very simple way to make your own broth.  It's not fancy, it gets the job done and my joints feel so much better since I started this.  


6 or so pounds of roasted bones.   Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb- a mix of any you have on hand.  Save all the bones from any meals or stop at the farmstore for some beef bones.  

A big onion or some small ones.  I use up the ones that are starting to sprout or get soft this time of year.   Cut into chunks, skin on

1 big ugly carrot or some small ones.   Go for the ones that aren't so great to eat fresh

a few cups of greens, anything.  Kale, lettuce, chard, parsley, spinach.   Whatever you have around to use up.  

If you want you can add an apple or a peach too.  

a glug of Apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar- optional.   They say it helps pull minerals out of the bones but then I read it doesn't.   

2 quarts of water or more to just cover things in the pot.   

I prefer using the slow cooker, put on low and let it simmer all day and often overnight.   Or on low on the stove top but keep an eye to add more water as it will evaporate.   

the longer you simmer it the more flavor.  

Instantpot.  I set it for 90 minutes and let it naturally release.   Simple.

Once your simmering/cooking is done.    Let it cool a bit, strain and chill.  Any fat will firm up on the top and remove it the next day.   Now is a great time to do this as I put the pot in the cold garage overnight instead of using of fridge space.    After you remove the fat you can now portion it out in containers or ice cube trays.  I usually do 1 or 2 cup containers and a few trays of cubes and freeze them.    

Use for soups, stews, add to a roast as it cooks, cooking rice or potatoes, saute veggies and add a cube or two of broth for a little extra flavor, or just warm up some and sip in a cup for an easy simple pick  you up especially if your stomach is a bit off.   Feel the icky coming on?   Sip some broth often and keep your nutrition up to fight it off, skip the syrups and pills and magic cure alls.  Boost your body when it needs it, let it do what it's designed to do- be healthy.

Seriously my knees and hips rarely give me problems anymore since I went to broth a few years ago.  Our meals never tasted better and less things to purchase from the stores with questionable ingredients or sources.  

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