Spare Ribs- Instant Pot Amazing!

Spare Ribs in 25 minutes with Instant Pot. Yes call me amazed and happy!

Many are like me and you love Spare Ribs but tending the grill for a long time or even just planning on a slow cook in the oven can be too much sometimes.   I already posted my oven roasting recipe that I use.

I have found a great way to enjoy Creekside Meadows Spare Ribs anytime of year and they are ready in less than an hour.

I have now cooked these tasty morsels twice in my Instant Pot.

My first experiment went too far with fall of the bone tenderness as in I couldn't get them out the pot easily because the bones were falling out.  They were good but maybe too tender?

So this afternoon I tried again and found a winner!

Thaw out your ribs.    If it's not done already peel off the thin membrane that's on one side of the ribs.  This requires a small sharp knife to peel the end up and then grasp it with some paper towels to slowly peel it off using the knife to loosen as needed.   Some people don't do it and were fine.  I found it's better with it off but sometimes it's already removed.  

Preseason them with a dry rub of your choice.

This last time I did ground pepper then some Syracuse Salt Company Garlic Salt and some Espresso Salt.     Maybe 1 teaspoon of each.  
Sprinkled on both sides of ribs and rubbed in.  Use more if you want, I went light.

You can use any seasoning you want, I have a bbq one that I get locally or make up your own.  You can't go wrong with just salt and pepper either.

Put a trivet in the bottom of your pot to keep the meat off the pan and out of the liquid.
Pour in 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup apple cider or apple juice and 1/2 cup water.
Why the vinegar?   I'm told it helps the tenderness but then some recipes say they didn't use it it and all was perfect they just increased the other liquid.   I'll make more and share soon.

You can also add a few drops of liquid smoke to the liquid for some smokiness.

The 1 cup or more of liquid is necessary to achieve pressure so don't skip it or it will BURN!

Place the ribs in layers on the trivet.  Our ribs are cut into 2 pieces but if you purchase ribs elsewhere they maybe 1 long piece.  If so you can curl the ribs in a circle and put on the trivet on their end so it's like a standing up roll of paper towels.  
If 2 pieces you can roll them up and tie with cooking twine or I just laid mine down flat- all was well.
25 minutes pressurized.   I used the manual setting.  Then let it do a natural release for 10 minutes.  The natural release is needed for additional cooking and aids in the tenderness.
After 10 minutes of natural release manually release the pressure and open up the yumminess.
Remove ribs, to a cooking sheet & slather on your favorite sauce.
Broil them in the oven until nice and bubbly.   Top off with a little more brushed on sauce and enjoy.  
They should be fall off the bone tender or darn close to it.    

So there you are.   Tender and flavorful Spare Ribs in less than an hour.  

Every purchase over $20 this weekend at the farm gets a free package of Spare Ribs.  
Saturday Jan 20th and Sunday Jan 21st