Slow Roasted Eye Round Roast

Wow time has flown and I didn't get some goodies posted yet!

I cooked an eye round roast the other night and talk about easy.

Eye round is a very very lean cut and often some farms will have these cut into small round steaks and call them "tenderloins"- which they are NOT or call them mock tenders because they do resemble a tenderloin to some people.
It's packed with flavor but requires a very careful hand cooking because if it's overcooked its' ruined.

This cut is one we don't often carry but are this year because I have a goal to teach more people how to slow roast all our roasts to perfection and use leftovers!  Stop going to the deli for that stuff- cook it at home easily!

Creekside Eye Round,   about 2 1/2 pounds.   OR  Rump Roast or London Broil- which we have in stock now!
thaw and cover liberally with an herb or spice mix or just salt, pepper and crushed garlic.
I used a new product made a town over from us.
Clean Slate farms Matson hill Rub which can be found at the 20/East store in Cazenovia and other places.

I also added in some oregano because it felt right.  Plus some Baby Bella Mushrooms which needed to be used up and really beef goes so well with mushrooms.

So the roast is all covered with this  (1 tablespoons is good enough)
Let it come to room temperature.
Preheat oven to 250 or lower if you oven will do it.
Place roast in a small shallow roasting pan.
Roast on this low heat until medium (120-130 but no higher than 140) for internal temperature.  It's best medium with that nice pink center so be careful not to overcook this cut as it will go tough and flavor is lost.
It takes about 30-40 minutes per pound if you oven works well at that low temp.  Mine is not workign well at that low temp so it took 1 1/2 hours to be done.   I removed it, tented it.    Did up some pan gravy with drippings and added some beef stock because I wanted more gravy.
I slice this roast very very thin with my electric knife or a nice sharp carving knife.   Key thing is this roast is best cut really thin.   So get those knives sharpened!!!

I served with mashed potatoes, sauteed yellow beans (frozen in the fall from our garden) and some fresh warm applesauce.

Really it took 1 1/2 hours to roast and to me that is very doable for say a Sunday night dinner.  Then save the remaining meat for Monday lunches as yummy roast beef sandwiches.  Add a dolop of horseradish or some saurkraut!   Or later in the week for leftovers.  Serve over some noodles or open faced sandwiches or in stir fry on on salads, or wraps.

 This method and recipe works perfectly with a Rump Roast or London Broil as they are both lean cuts that do best roasted at low heat, only to medium and thinly sliced.

Stop buying lunch meat at the deli counter that is packed full of additives,preservatives not to mention all that salt.  One roast makes 2 meals with only a few hours cooking one time.

Many of our customers tell us that they find eating our beef is so filling that they eat less at a meal than they would normally.  It's satisfying to their tummy.   We agree.
Plus using leftovers is not just delicious but so much better for your body and your budget.
It looks like this roast is well done but there is some pink there that doesn't show in the evening picture in my kitchen.  I thought I actually overcooked it a tad but they guys here gobbled it up even with the mushrooms (they hate mushrooms but I love them!)  
 Enough leftovers for 3 sandwiches the next day from a 2 1/2 pound roast.    
See the pile of yummy roasted mushrooms?  yummmmmmy.

All the recipes are ones I have made in my kitchen and they are the actual pictures!


All our beef is completely 100% Grass Fed Only.
Our herd never ever gets grain, corn or fermented feeds.   They graze the pastures and then we feed hay from our farm in the winter. 

We've been grazing beef for 20 years!!!!  This year is our 20th anniversary since we obtained our first 2 beef cows.  So you have all our experience and dedication to raising meat the right way going into every bit of our meat you eat!

Thanks for the support and see you at the farm soon. Open Saturdays and Sundays all winter 12 -2

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