London Broil- Crockpot Amazing- hey it's not just for the grill!

We sell lots of London broils during the summer since most people know how to grill them plus easy to feed a crowd. Now in winter London Broils sadly just hang out in the freezer sadly under appreciated. It causes me angst knowing so few people appreciate this delicious lean hunk of deliciousness. So here is one way I prepare London Broil.

Call it a pot roast if you want to, since it’s in a pot and it’s a roast!!! Sorry farmer humor after being out in snow all morning.


Look at that beautiful piece of meat and the subtle marbling from all Grassfed Hearth Healthy Beef!

This recipe I used a small 2 pound roast that I as usual didn’t remember to thaw out the day before. I did put it in a pot of cold water to jump start things a bit a few hours before getting this going.

I used some sad forgotten in the snow green onions, fresh out of the mud (washed well ) carrots, celery that got smashed by snow in the garden and garlic of course. Of course you can add in some potatoes too but I was going to do some mashed potatoes separately. Toss them in and added 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup beef stock and set my slow cooker on low. 8 hours later it was fall apart tender and perfect.

Now I know you think- OMG it’s overdone!!!! No it’s slow cooked on low so very tender.

No waste, little fat and it’s gone. No leftovers at all.

As I mentioned I used a small roast simply because I needed to because it called to me in the freezer, nah it really because the seal had broken and freezer burn was setting in. Never would have known that except I told you. Remember they ate it all and loved it.

I rarely have london broils that small though. Leftovers when I’ve made this before make excellent roast beef sandwiches on a crusty roll, a little horseradish, mustard, slice of smoked gouda…. yeah baby…… leftovers. Embrace them. Here in this farm kitchen I often cook dinner with the plan for the leftovers.


1 London Broil (or chuck or arm roast or rump roast) but really those london broils need new homes……. If you let me know you read this blog recipe remind me to give you $1 off a pound on your next London Broil!

2-3 carrots, scrubbed (peel if you want to), cut into chunks

1 medium onion peeled and coarsely chopped or handful of green onions or even some leeks

1-2 stalks of celery- use those last pieces or the limp ones hiding in the veggie drawer.

2- 4 cloves of garlic. Your preference

1/2 cup warm water

1/2 cup beef stock (or broth let’s not be too picky here).

I did not add any other seasoning but hey add some pepper or oregano if you’d like. I did not cook this with any salt but did salt to taste at the end.

Cook on slow cooker on low 8 hours or until tender. Of course you can roast in the oven also- around 300-325F covered.

Before serving strain out the broth and make a quick gravy of you like or go aujus if you prefer. Salt and pepper to taste.

I served with mashed potatoes, the carrots and some fresh applesauce.