Oven Fries


I love French Fries and have for way too many decades. I remember my Dad getting a Fryer when I was a teenager, I think it was a “Little Frier” or something like that. It heated up oil and came with a fry basket. It was FRY HEAVEN! Sadly nobody figured out that cooking vegetable oil at high temperatures is pretty scary for our health well most fried things are. They- my parents- never would have cooked with pork lard or tallow, heck I never knew what it was until 20 some years ago and we butchered our first cow.

I still adore fries but now we make oven fries although from time to time I will heat up some beef tallow and do some really fries when in the mood.

I use Russet potatoes because they are perfect for so many reasons mostly because we grow them by the bushel full.

I never ever peel them because well we grow them and use no chemicals ever.

Scrub them up, cut them into fry sizes that make you happy. Toss them with some olive oil, some dashes of paprika, salt, pepper and then of course PARMESAN CHEESE because well you should have more dairy right? Sorry I have NEVER measured these things so go with your gut.

Cover some cookie trays with parchment paper then lay out those fries. Roast at 425 until perfectly golden brown and tender inside, crisp outside. Sure you can flip them half way if you must. How long to roast you ask? 15-20 minutes is the usual.

THEN because some days we want something extra special and a little decadent we then sprinkle on some shredded colby jack cheese and some crumbled up PASTURE RAISED CREEKSIDE MEADOWS FARM B A C O N ! Broil until cheese is bubbling.

It’s really a meal in itself. Cam likes them with Ranch Dressing (of course) but sour cream is yummy too. I’ve been known to add some cayenne pepper to either one for extra zip on a cold winter day.