Sauteed Radishes, Mixed Greens and Bacon!

Did you know you can cook radishes?   They are delicious and sweet.   Bacon just takes it up a notch but is optional.

If you choose not to use bacon just substitute olive oil or lard. 

Use a heavy stainless steel or cast iron skillet.   

Amounts of radishes and greens are estimates.  The recipe is fluid so make it smaller or larger as you want.  I've had this as a lunch bowl and also as a side dish with Creekside Meadows Farm Pork Chops.

8-10 large radishes, tops removed, washed and sliced.   Thickness is how ever you like. 

1/3-1/2 pound of greens (usually a gallon bag size or a large bunch)   This can be anything  you like.  Spinach, Chard, Kale, Collard greens, beat tops.  I prefer a mix of spinach, kale, chard.  Washed and dried.   Leave whole or if they are large leafs just chop them to more manageable size.

Cook 2-3 pieces of Creekside Meadows Farm Pasture Raised Bacon in the pan first.   Remove bacon when done to your likeness.  Pour off the grease and add back 2 tablespoons.  

Add Radishes and saute for 2-3 or so minutes on medium heat until they are just getting tender.   Add the greens and stir continuously.   Continue to cook until they are wilted to your preference.    I like the slightly wilted but some prefer them reduced down to wimpy.  


Sprinkle bacon pieces on top and serve hot.   Usually needs NO seasoning but a drizzle of balsamic vinegar goes well or dash of tamari.

Makes a great side dish with some great Grassfed Beef or Pasture Raised Pork.  I often make this for my lunch bowl.    

Change it up!  Add in sliced carrots, potatoes, brocolli, snow peas, beans, beets and so on.   Just adjust your cooking times for different additions. 

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